If you have experienced birth rape, please submit your story. The more women who speak up, the more chance of ending this abuse.


2 comments on “Welcome

  1. I had developed pre-eclampsia so my doctor said I needed to deliver my baby the next day. This was ok with me since it was my due date.
    I went to the hospital and a pitocin drip was started. I labored for 14 hours with no pain relief and when I asked for some I was told it was too late. So they kept cranking up the pitocin to make my labor more effective. I remember I had one huge contraction and the doctor stopped the drip saying I was going to rupture my uterus. My labor had stopped and they called in the anesthesiologist for a general for the c-section. I cried and begged them, please don’t make me miss my baby’s birth. But they said it was too late to start an epidural, so I had no choice. It took us seven years to concieve this baby, I wanted and wished for him, to be denied his birth was so wrenching.
    My baby was born, and I didn’t wake up for hours… by then they had given him a bottle against my wishes. It was really hard to nurse him because he didn’t want to “latch on”. I kept trying with him, and he did eventually and I nursed him until he was two 🙂
    While I was in the hospital and the nurse brought me my baby to nurse and he wouldn’t, he cried and so did I. The nurse told me I shouldn’t starve my baby, just give him a bottle! I was bursting with milk.
    The final insult came when I went back to the doctor to get my staples out, I asked her why did she make the incision going down from my belly button instead of a bikini cut? She said it was so it would be easier to open up next time!!! I never went back to that doctor.
    All of this happened 26 years ago next month, and I’m sitting here crying as I type. Being abused, and losing all control as you give birth hurts, and causes scars that go so deep and last as long as you live. It causes more scars than the ones you can see.
    Seven years after the birth of my first son I gave birth to another, and this time I was present for the birth! My new doctor believes in VBAC, and he believed I could do it, and I did 🙂

    • I am so sorry. Not only did they treat you and your baby abhorrently, I believe they also lied. It might have been too late for an epidural, but spinal anesthesia takes less time. Mine was done in the OR while they prepped. If it was an emergency, they should have told you that they needed to get the baby out fast and that required general. If it wasn’t an emergency, they should have used spinal.

      I’m so glad you were able to find someone more respectful and have a VBAC.

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