Women are the Problem with Women

I just wanted to link to this great post by The Feminist Breeder. It’s amazing and incredibly timely as I try to get this blog started.

It’s great to see that word is starting to get out about the horrible treatment of women during birth.  It’s incredibly depressing to realize how few people “get” that it’s wrong and understand that medical professionals can not be allowed to abuse women and violate our rights in the name of “a healthy baby”.

Most babies of healthy mothers will be healthy without any interventions.  Even for those who need a bit of help, it can easily and safely be given without traumatizing and abusing mothers.  I think it all boils down to fear.

Doctors fear of lawsuits if they don’t deliver the “perfect” baby they ill advisedly promised.  Parents fear of losing their baby, fear that what they went through was unnecessary and they might have endured despair, pain and panic for no reason.

Ultimately, it is due to fear of birth itself.  Doctors, nurses and midwives abuse mothers in a vain attempt to control something which is uncontrollable.  Society lets them get away with it because they’ve convinced us birth is scary, dangerous and the only way to have healthy babies is to let them do whatever they want to birthing women.


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