‘Healthy’ Battery?

My mom is currently taking a law degree & she feels the need to have me edit her assignments.  One of her answers on her most recent assignment included the following as part of her answer:

Even if the treatment is necessary to save the patient’s life, if the doctor proceeds against the patient’s wishes, he can be sued.

That’s the theory, anyway. Too bad reality doesn’t work that way.  I know far too many women who’ve had their refusals ignored, or had procedures performed without even being asked, much less given a chance to refuse.  Very few of them feel as though they have any recourse and the few who’ve tried to do something about it find that because they are apparently healthy and their babies are healthy, no one will take any action.

If police and lawyers would actually uphold the law and start charging/suing medpros for their assault and battery of birthing women, maybe there would be a lot fewer women being abused during birth.


Birth in Bulgaria

Thanks to Unnecesarean for bringing these stories to my attention.  Please read the stories & look at the online petition on Say No to Violence

The birth situation here in North America is awful, but apparently medpros in other parts of the world are even worse assholes. (I apologize for the language, but given the cruel and sadistic behaviour, that’s as polite as I can be).

These stories are heartbreaking and may be triggering.
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