VBAC Denied, horrid experience…

If you still think women are exaggerating, or should just “get over” the assault & abuse they have endured during birth, maybe reading this woman’s horrific story will help you see that there are real crimes being committed against women. Real crimes which are covered up or ignored because “at least you have a health baby”. This violation needs to end. A woman giving birth has just as much right to refuse treatment as anyone else, just as much right to say no and just as much right to have JUSTICE when her rights are violated.


4 comments on “VBAC Denied, horrid experience…

  1. Hello! This is COMMON and will be until women SUE, not complain. Dollars talk. All else is white noise to the hospitals. Don’t get mad, get paid.

  2. I am just so sorry for that poor woman. Non of that should ever happen to anyone! I feel outraged that she was robbed of that beautiful experience. When I gave birth to my daughter Grace, I was in a lot of pain cuz non of the pain ness worked on me and I could feel myself ripping down there and I asked for an episiotomy and they told me no. I ended up tearing all over the inside walls and then tried to sow me up. I was in so much pain it alleged up being infected and to top it off the used non dissolving stitches. I was so swollen and couldn’t walk for a month. It took forever to heal the tears were really bad too. Its not right being told no or being ignored no matter the severity but this woman has my heart and woman r so strong for a reason I am battling stage 4 colon cancer I am only 25. We all have to be strong for our children. Everyone that has had a traumatic experience will have a prayer of strength from me every night. Love ashlee from mich

  3. I know people who would have gotten up and made a huge deal about it. Id be demanding to see my kid ( assuming they hadn’t already given me my son/daughter and yes I know Dawn’s kid was a boy) and told them they better not have given my kid anything harmful. Then left the hospital that day even if they tried to stop me I would still leave.

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