New ACOG Statement Says Forcing Treatment on Pregnant Women is Unethical

That’s right all of you insisting that pregnant women somehow lose the right to make medical decisions for themselves and their babies because doctors know best or doctors would somehow be liable, ACOG has come out with a “Committee Opinion” from their ethics committee states that doctors need to respect the patient’s decision and avoid resorting to coercion, guilt, threats or force. Pregnant people have the right to refuse treatment, even in life or death situations.

It also opposes the use of legal action to mandate treatment, something which has been increasingly common despite the example of the Angela Carder case.

While it’s sad that things are so bad ACOG was finally forced to make a statement about it, it’s at least finally, hopefully, a start to fixing the deeply broken medical system in regard to the rights of pregnant women. Hopefully OBs will finally start listening to their patients as a result of this statement. Sadly, women can’t count on that happening.

To read the full statement from the committee you can go here:


One comment on “New ACOG Statement Says Forcing Treatment on Pregnant Women is Unethical

  1. Saldy there is still a very long road. I work in a medical practice and the issue of “gung ho” treatment of labouring women and the fact that women seemed to “want so much more these days” came up in a conversation I had recent with the OB at the practice. I tried to explain that from my observations women who were involved in the decision making process and women who had the final say in what treatment they had or didnt have appeared to have better outcomes. His response was ‘except when we have to take that away from them of course”. I’m glad I didnt have anything sharp in my hand at the time.

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