Knowledge is spreading

There have been a lot of posts on blogs in the last week or so about birth rape. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who think it’s impossible for doctors/midwives/nurses to do do something so wrong that it can feel like rape. The more this subject is talked about, the more understanding and acknowledgement there will be and then maybe we can stop this kind of treatment from happending to others.

Here’s a round-up of the posts about birth rape I’ve seen in the last little while. The comments on some of these (especially the post at Jezebel) are pretty harsh sometimes, so please beware if you’re feeling sensitive. If I’ve missed one, please let me know. And if you’d like to share your story, please go to my submissions page for info.

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And edited to add this great post. It also has some wonderful, thought provoking comments.
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‘Healthy’ Battery?

My mom is currently taking a law degree & she feels the need to have me edit her assignments.  One of her answers on her most recent assignment included the following as part of her answer:

Even if the treatment is necessary to save the patient’s life, if the doctor proceeds against the patient’s wishes, he can be sued.

That’s the theory, anyway. Too bad reality doesn’t work that way.  I know far too many women who’ve had their refusals ignored, or had procedures performed without even being asked, much less given a chance to refuse.  Very few of them feel as though they have any recourse and the few who’ve tried to do something about it find that because they are apparently healthy and their babies are healthy, no one will take any action.

If police and lawyers would actually uphold the law and start charging/suing medpros for their assault and battery of birthing women, maybe there would be a lot fewer women being abused during birth.

Women are the Problem with Women

I just wanted to link to this great post by The Feminist Breeder. It’s amazing and incredibly timely as I try to get this blog started.

It’s great to see that word is starting to get out about the horrible treatment of women during birth.  It’s incredibly depressing to realize how few people “get” that it’s wrong and understand that medical professionals can not be allowed to abuse women and violate our rights in the name of “a healthy baby”.

Most babies of healthy mothers will be healthy without any interventions.  Even for those who need a bit of help, it can easily and safely be given without traumatizing and abusing mothers.  I think it all boils down to fear.

Doctors fear of lawsuits if they don’t deliver the “perfect” baby they ill advisedly promised.  Parents fear of losing their baby, fear that what they went through was unnecessary and they might have endured despair, pain and panic for no reason.

Ultimately, it is due to fear of birth itself.  Doctors, nurses and midwives abuse mothers in a vain attempt to control something which is uncontrollable.  Society lets them get away with it because they’ve convinced us birth is scary, dangerous and the only way to have healthy babies is to let them do whatever they want to birthing women.